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Privacy Policy in Soroush Plus

Privacy Policy in Soroush Plus

In the Soroush Plus group, we handle all the information and privacy of the users of the Soroush Plus messenger and other related services, in accordance with the following principles:

Save information and how to use them

Soroush Plus maintains user information based on the following principles:

User information

The user's registration, mobile number and contacts are stored for the following purposes:

  1. The user's mobile number is used to authenticate the user.
  2. The numbers stored on the user's device are used to identify his/her friends & the user can communicate with them & invite other non-system audiences to use it. (Note that only the mobile phone number of the user's contact list is used & other contact information such as name, photo and address will not be saved or used.)
  3. To change the device and transfer the user account from one device to another, the user's mobile number is used.

The information contained in the above section is only visible to the user and the servers of the application and other users will not have access to it.

Other user information

To create a better user experience and better communication between contacts, a profile has been defined for the user, including the name, status, and user's image.

Messages and interactions

In order to provide the best service, messages and interactions in dual conversations, groups, contacts and public channels are stored on Soroush Plus's servers & by updating the app, changing the user's device & etc, this information will not be lost. It is normal for the user to remove any portion of this information at any time. By deleting information by the user, this information will be permanently deleted & can not be retrieved.

Use of the service


To provide the best possible services to users, as well as for support and security purposes, we use cookies to store user preferences and view patterns. The user can disable the cookies, but by doing this, the services that depend on cookies will be disabled.


Depending on the availability of the services provided, some information such as the type and version of the browser, the user's IP, etc. may be recorded and stored automatically.

Such information will be used to analyze the environment and conditions of the user and to provide better services.

Device info

The device user information (type and version of the operating system, hardware information, etc.) may be collected and used to provide better and more appropriate services.

Goals of information use

Given the scope defined for the use of the information as well as the existing sensitivity for storing information such as the contact number of the user's contacts, we consider ourselves merely allowed to move within the specified framework. We are committed to storing and using the above information for the following reasons only:

  • To create interactive communication between users and public channels of interest to the user
  • To find who the user knows and connect with them
  • To prevent people who are not authenticated or malware entering the application
  • To offer services that will be added to the application in the future
  • To collect statistical information (without registering the profile) depending on the type of service provided
  • To conduct research and analysis to evaluate and improve the services provided
  • To provide information tailored to services, such as providing user-friendly suggestions
  • To provide new services to users
  • To determine the winners and send their prizes to leading contests and promotions
  • To inform the user about relevant services or products, as well as contact with the user on required terms
  • For information on related topics that the user has previously expressed interest in

Provide user information

Soroush Plus does not provide any user's information to company, institution, organization or any person without user's permission.

Disclosure of information

Soroush Plus uses all its material and spiritual resources to prevent the application from being infiltrated and stealing information.

We are constantly trying to secure the application by updating and reviewing hardware and software systems.

Rights of users

Users can correct or validate all their personal information at any time, or even delete their user account.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there is any ambiguity in this document or you need more information, please contact us through our contact section.We are required to answer your questions as soon as possible.


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